Dimeth Dihenyl Methane  
Octadecylamine N-oleoyl Sarcosinate T711  
N-Oleoyl sarcosine acid  
N-Oleoyl sarcosine acid  
T711 High-efficiency Oil-soluble Corrosion Inhibitor
  Octadecylamine N-oleoyl Sarcosinate T711

Highly Effective Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor
  Product Name and Form
Chemical Name:Octadecylamine N-oleoyl Sarcosinate T711
Molecular Formula: C17H33CO-N-COOHmC18H37NH2
Molecular weight: ~622.5

Qualitative Parameters
Appearance and Characteristics:
yellowish gray wax-like solid under room temperature; amber oily liquid upon melting.
insoluble in water, soluble in oil.
not a hazardous substance, nontoxic, not corrosive, not inflammable, not explosive.

PH value 7-9
Cl% ≤0.015%
NH2 value(KOHmg/g) 90.0-95.0(total)

Main Technical Specifications:

item result
1. heat & damp test 14 days at 49±1℃, RH≥95%, 45# steel plate, dynamic 0-1
2. corrosion test 3 hr at 100±1℃, 45# steel plate, bronze 0-1

Add 2% assay agent to 10# machine lubricate oil.

This product is mainly used as sealing oil for armaments, antirust oil or antirust lubricant in mechanical industry. It has received broad acclamations in fields such as precision machinery, tank manufacturing, armament depot, engine factory, bearing factory, and other domestic uses. It can also be used in solvent type antirusting paints