ABOUT Tian Cheng

Tian Cheng Chemical Co.,LTD is located in the town of Qiao-Tou -Hu,Ning Hai,which is a well-known county with beautiful scenery in eastern Zhe Jiang province.

Our company predeccssor is that the Ning Hai Organic Synthesis Plant,a state-owned but locally administered plant,has already had a history of 30years.The company set up in 1998 according to “Company Law of China”,made the production and sale of the organic chemicals specially.

TCCC’s major products are:

1, 4,4’-Diaminodiphenylmethane(MDA);
2, 4,4’-Diamino-3,3’-Dimethyl Diphenyl Methane(MDT);
3, Bis-maleimide(BMI);
4, Dimethyl Methyl Phosphonate (DMMP);
5, Octadecylamine N-oleoyl Sarcosinate (T711);
6, N-Oleoyl sarcosine acid(Medialan).

Our company covers a floor area of 11,000 square metres,area of workshop building about 3200 M2 will come,enough skills ask personal,own through getting 《Controlling the special production licence of Chemicals》that the contry autherised.

Still our company and production place have been observcd over the past 1998 by OPEW organisation of the United Nations.We had run to successful reception this group of experts and officers.

Our products have already been sold to France,Japen,Russia and Taiwan etc. The application information returned to back,feels satisfied.

China Petrochemical Group Co.,Petrochemical Industry Bereau of ZheJiang Province,Chemical Research Institute of ZheJiang Province with us have intimate corperation.

My company lie within the boundaries of Ning Hai county,are all not far from Ning Bao harbour and Ning Bao international air harbour. The exit of the expressway (Dong San)has distance of 3 kilometers only to leave our company.The traffic is very convenient.

We’ll use contribution spirit and supply better quality,high level products,In ordor to develop domestic and foreign trade,we’ll offer the best service.It cordially welcomes all the customers to talk.

TCCC’s idea is “Implement contract firmly,keeping promise either other,mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit,Revilalige the common development go ahead with era.”

We’ll great splendid tomorrow hand in hand.